Expel Russian diplomats from North Korea

Expel Russian diplomats from North Korea

Eight Russian diplomats and their families, including a three-year-old girl, left North Korea on a cart. The extraordinary means of transportation are the result of North Korea’s strict restrictions on viruses that have closed borders for air or train travel.

The group made the last trip from North Korea to Russia on a cart.picture: Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry via AP / TT

After the borders were closed, the group decided to go home by road – a journey that took a day and a half. The train journey from the capital, Pyongyang, took 32 hours, followed by a two-hour bus ride to the border area. The last kilometer was the important vehicle.

A video posted from the State Department’s Telegram account shows embassy secretary Vladislav Sorokin pushing a cart full of bags and passengers in front of him on a bridge. When the vehicle crossed the bridge and the border between North Korea and Russia, the group exploded with cheers.

The group was greeted by colleagues from the Foreign Ministry at the border and then transferred to Vladivostok Airport.

“It took a long and difficult journey to get home,” the State Department account on Telegram reads.

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