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The poll, published by the Cyprus Public Services Corporation, showed that President Nicos Anastasiad’s right-wing Democratic Party receives between 24 and 28 percent of the vote, while the Labor Progress Party (AQL) has 23-27 percent.

558,000 people are eligible to vote, but observers fear a low turnout.

Distinguishing corruption in elections

Corruption in the country was a critical electoral issue:

– The problem of corruption benefits small parties, but it also limits the number of people who stay in their homes. Political analyst Cristoforo Cristoforo says that a large part of the electorate is dissatisfied with the existing parties.

The sale of a so-called Cypriot passport last year gave citizens in countries outside the European Union the opportunity to purchase a Cypriot passport for about 20 million Swedish kronor, giving buyers the right to live and travel freely within the European Union. It is said that about a thousand high-ranking Russian citizens, many with strong ties to the Kremlin, were among the “clients”.

tired constituency

In the wake of the passport sale, the President and Member of Parliament resigned.

Voters are tired of the political establishment and parliament, says Hubert Faustmann, professor of history and politics at the University of Nicosia.

– People are tired of corruption in society, he continues.

Among the expected winners in the parliamentary elections are the far-right National Popular Front (ELAM) and the Green Party.

The country’s president, Nicos Anastasiades, has been in office since 2013.

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