European Union elections: voter turnout for the European Union is increasing

This is how voters think about the European Union

How much support does the European Union, “Swexit” or “the United States of Europe” have? Examine yourself and see what party voters think.

In the chart above, you can see the distribution of voter opinions from most positive to most negative. Select the question and then decide which party the voters voted for and in what year the question was asked.

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Stronger support for the European Union among voters

Support for Sweden’s membership in the European Union is increasing compared to previous European Union elections. The polling station polling showed that the increase applies regardless of party affiliation.

Even among Swedish Democratic voters, support for Sweden’s membership in the European Union is growing. But the Swedish Democrats are still the only party voters want more than stay.

Support for development towards a European federal state remains weak among voters.

All numbers have been re-weighted against the preliminary election result on May 27th

About visualization

The questions asked were “In general, what is your position on the European Union?” Do you think Sweden should leave the European Union or remain a member? And “Do you think it is a positive or negative thing if the European Union develops into a federal state, a kind of European United States?”

Select one or more parties to see the distribution of answers among party voters. You can also choose to see the result for everyone who has responded with the ‘All’ option.

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Publication date: May 26, 2019

Updated: May 27, 2019

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