European Union Commissioner Elva Johansson talks about the problems of vaccines in the Union

Elva Johansson, the European Union Commissioner responsible for Home Affairs, was asked Wednesday on SVT’s “30 Minutes” program. Among other things, she was asked about the frequency of vaccination in the European Union.

Both the United Kingdom and the United States vaccinated about half of the adult population. The corresponding share in the European Union is 18 percent. Elva Johansson has been asked why the European Union is lagging behind.

– You’ll catch up on this soon, you’ll see. “I think it’s too early to draw these conclusions,” she said, “Now more vaccines are coming.”

It also indicates that the UK, unlike the European Union, has approved vaccines in emergency situations, and that vaccine manufacturers have not delivered according to the plan.

If we had the vaccines that were agreed upon, they would have looked different.

Don’t believe in export bans

Elva Johansson is disappointed that the USA and the UK have limited their exports of vaccines.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to impose this kind of export restrictions.

At the same time, it believes the EU should also be able to restrict exports, and is giving Astra Zeneca the boot.

I think you should have a chance, especially against a company that has fatally failed to deliver what it agreed to to the member states of the European Union.

She believes the European Union would have gone further if Britain’s Astra Zeneca factories were allowed to supply vaccines to the Union.

Who is the biggest villain here, be it the company or the UK, can be challenged. But it is not good.

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