EU minister invites Finns to discuss EU policy

Finland has been a member of the European Union for a quarter of a century – what does the European Union look like to its citizens? What should the future direction of the union look like and what role should Finland play as part of the union? Make your voice heard about Finland’s activities in the EU by participating in the Open Citizen Dialogues on the EU Government Report!

Minister of European Affairs and Corporate Governance Tytti Tuppurainen Arranges two discussions for the public in connection with the preparation of the EU government’s report. Anyone can participate in the virtual meetings by submitting their questions and comments. The events will be broadcast live on the Prime Minister’s website YouTube- kanalThe latter will be available as video recordings. In addition, the video recordings will be available on the government’s website at

The first Citizens’ Dialogue on the topic “EU resilience – more than the sum of its different parts” will take place on Monday 26 October at 14.30-16.00. In addition to Minister Tuppurainen, the Program Director of the Foreign Policy Institute answers questions from the public Juha Jokila, universitetsforskaren Timo Mittenen The economic expert Sixteen Corkman.

In the second discussion on Wednesday 4 November at 9.00 – 10.30, especially young people can make their voices heard. Minister Tuppurainen’s guests in the studio this time are representatives of Young European rf, Finnish youth sector roofing organization Alliance rf and trade union SAKKI ry. The topic for discussion is “Youth and the European Union – What do we want from the European Union in the future?”.

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Audience questions form the basis of the discussion in both events. During the discussion, questions and comments can also be sent via Twitter under the hashtag #EUselonteko.

Civil society and public organizations have the opportunity to submit questions and comments in advance Via this form. In addition, you can ask your question in a short video. Shoot the video horizontally and send it via Whatsapp at 046923 5090. Also enter your name in the message. We show videos by name in both live broadcasts and video recordings that are later uploaded online. The Prime Minister’s Office does not store the video files, but rather deletes them after the events. More information about data protection in the Prime Minister’s office. Initial questions for the first discussion opportunity will be received until October 22nd and questions for the second event until November 2.

more information: Belfi Elena Kobias, Special Officer (EU Affairs), tel. +358 95160995, and Emilia Tarvonen, PR. Relations, tel. +358 95161035

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