ESA will also go to Venus again. EnVision will move there in a decade

It seems that Venus is hot again among the space authorities of the world. The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced that it plans to go to our neighboring planet again, something it is doing just a week after NASA announced that it will send two spacecraft to Venus in the next 10 years.

The European Space Agency plans to send the EnVision probe to Venus. The idea is that EnVision will be in orbit around Venus and, among other things, collect data on the planet’s geology, internal structure, gravitational fields, atmosphere and surface composition. Günther Hasinger, ESA’s EnVision project manager, says in a press release:

“A new era awaits us in exploring our closest neighbors from the Solar System, but it is very different. Together with the recently announced Venus missions led by NASA, we will have a very comprehensive science program on this mysterious planet in the next decade.”

The European Space Agency plans to send EnVision to Venus between 2031 and 2033. Then it will take another 31 months before the probe is in place in its planned orbit around the planet. The last time the European Space Agency visited Venus was when Venus Express arrived there in 2006, a mission that continued until 2014.

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