Eric Niva: “There is no reason to lose faith”

Sweden went to Croatia to make a good effort and would like you to come from there with a victory. Blue Yellow would have finally scored the winning goal, but it was the Croats who made a save five minutes before normal time in the final score 2-1.

In the final episode of “Blue – yellow – from the lateral line“Football journalist visits Eric Niva. After losing Sweden, he gives his view on the effort and the rest of the League of Nations.

Hope is remote for Sweden in terms of everything other than clinging to the first group. It can still be imagined that it is enough to conquer Croatia at home and steal a far point elsewhere and it may be possible after that to hold out. But to win some sets, go to some qualifiers, and dream of stepping back … that hope is over, says Niva.

Three consecutive losses of Sweden, how dangerous are we?

– He is not overly embarrassed when making a match this way. It is clear that the game does not live separately from its predecessors, and inevitably three losses. But that was a really good second half for Sweden and it was in large part a well-executed match.

‘No need to lose confidence’

On Wednesday evening, the last international match of this group awaits you. It is another match away from home and now against Portugal in the Nations League. Eric Niva has his ideas ready for what to expect in Lisbon and how Sweden will work further in the future.

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(National Team Captain Jan Anderson) needs to be reminded of what is being done well, and what is pointing in the right direction. We can see it as if we were in the middle of a cultural revolution in Swedish football and that things are happening with the Swedish game, says Niva and continues:

In the past, we would often stand up and be overjoyed that we defended ourselves to a hard blow against this kind of resistance. The idea now is to give this stage of development so that they can then defeat even the most difficult opposition considerably by virtue of their game. As long as we believe in it, the equation goes together and I don’t think this effort in Croatia was a cause for a loss of confidence.

Watch the full new episode of “Blue-Yellow – From the Sides” as Erik Niva is a guest here.

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