England enters a new national lockdown

The new mutated virus variant has hit the UK hard.

Healthcare is more stressed than it has ever been during the entire pandemic. The proportion of patients receiving hospital care in England has increased by 30 percent in one week. The death toll increased by 20 percent during the same period. If nothing happens, the healthcare system could reach its maximum capacity within 21 days, the prime minister warns.

This means that the government will once again require you to stay home, says Boris Johnson in a live address Monday night.

New shutdown

To limit the worrying development, England is once again entering a new lockdown, or so-called lockdown, similar to what happened in March 2020. The new rules will go into effect from Wednesday and will affect around 56 million people.

This means, among other things, that the English language is now only allowed to leave the house for a number of good reasons, including shopping for essential goods, going to work (if you cannot work from home), exercising, and seeking medical attention. And escape physical abuse at home.

In addition, schools in England will move to homeschooling with immediate effect.

It is more pollinated than the rest of Europe

The big difference between this spring and the current situation is vaccination, Boris Johnson says.

In the UK we have vaccinated more people than the rest of Europe combined, Johnson says and continues:

If all goes well, we will deliver the first vaccine dose to everyone in the four priority groups in mid-February.

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This means all the people who live in nursing homes and the employees who work there, all the people over the age of 70, all the health and medical workers as well as frontline social workers and people who are particularly sensitive to the virus for other reasons.

It may end in February

Even if vaccination is done according to plan, it will take another few weeks before the priority groups receive the second dose and reach immunity. It may take additional weeks before the pressure on the healthcare system erupts, according to the prime minister.

So we have to be careful about the upcoming schedule, says Boris Johnson.

He adds, however, that one could exit the lockdown already in mid-February if all goes according to plan.

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