Encrypted lock for the RTX 3060 is not limited to drivers

Yesterday, we reported how Nvidia is taking steps to ensure that consumer graphics cards, like the upcoming Geforce RTX 3060, fall primarily in the hands of gaming fans. As part of this, the company also announced a new series of account cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining under the name CMP.

By dividing gaming and cryptocurrency mining into different product categories, the company hopes to be able to meet gamers’ needs with its Geforce cards and cryptocurrency cutters through the CMP series. It was clear since yesterday that Geforce cards starting with the RTX 3060 would reduce performance when cracking the cryptocurrency, but it wasn’t entirely clear how the graphics card feels overhead.

Without going into details, Nvidia’s PR manager Brian Del Rizzo states that the limitation isn’t just in drivers. Instead, he says the RTX 3060 blends in three parameters to limit computing power in cryptocurrency mining – the card’s BIOS, drivers, and graphics circuit silicon. Hence, modified BIOS and / or drivers will not be enough to convert the RTX 3060 into an encryption card.

More reports Techpowerup About how Nvidia works to introduce new versions of the cards in the RTX 3000 Series with the same philosophy. The information comes from the leak Kopite7kimiIt could be considered Nvidia’s next logical step in splitting its Geforce-series graphics cards and CMP. According to Kopite7kimi, the graphics cards in the Geforce RTX 3000 series won’t necessarily be refreshed with new specifications – but with New article numbers.

How exactly does Nvidia split between the Geforce series and CMP happen, we’ll see – but complete Update Geforce RTX 3000 graphics cards with limited coding performance at best can mitigate long-term access issues.

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