Elvis reclaims Matthias Maxelli – for now: “He has a dazzling, entertaining element in his game” | Sports

He broke into the FM League last season and was awarded a contract by the Arizona Coyotes. Matthias Maxelli is now on loan to Ilves – indefinitely.

Matthias Maxelli was one of the exclamations points last year in the FM League.

The 19-year-old striker scored 13 + 17 = 30 points in 43 games during the season of his Ilves debut. After the season, producer TPS Maccelli was named the newcomer of the year in the league.

Subsequently, Maxelli was rewarded with a three-year newcomer contract with the Arizona Coyotes NHL club.

Ahead of an uncertain NHL winter, the club still chose to return Maccelli to Tampere.

The loan contract is valid until further notice and begins on August 3. Ilve Sports Director Timo Koskela highlights the high entertainment value of Maccelli.

– Matia has an entertaining “cool component” that is exciting to see playing. The attacker’s speed, courage, skill and instincts are already at a great level, and he will improve with each passing day as his physical abilities improve.

Of course, Koskella summed up our high expectations.

Arizona chose Maxcelli as the 98th player in last year’s draft. The striker was in WC Junior and also made his national team debut in connection with the Swedish EHT Championship.

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