Elon Musk will build Starbase City, Texas. Should there be a mayor of faith?

It seems that Elon Musk has a lot of iron in the fire, in addition to building missiles, cars and other things, he now says he will build a city in Texas.

That day, Musk announced on Twitter that he would build Starbazs in Texas. Although SpaceX is headquartered in California, Texas may seem more suited to a new “space city” as it is where SpaceX builds and launches giant Starship rockets. Additionally, SpaceX has planned to build a plant for its Starlink satellites somewhere around Austin, the capital of Texas. This will be the second mask factory building in Austin after Tesla announced that it would build a so-called Gigafactory in the city last year.

SpaceX Starships operations are mainly concentrated in the small town of Boca Chica near the Mexican border. It is unclear if Boca Chica is what Musk envisions as the future town of Starbase. It’s not entirely impossible that this would be the case if Musk’s town planning plans go awry.

SpaceX has since 2012 bought land and real estate in Boca Chica Village and you can check out a feature about this below.

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