Electric scooters are causing more and more accidents in cities – 11 dead in the US

Sweden recently experienced its first death and only in Stockholm at least one person a day ends up in the emergency room. Should electric scooters be banned?

Electric scooters are increasingly A familiar sight in Swedish cities. As the number increases, there are also more accidents. How many accidents is it difficult to get reliable figures because the electric scooter is not its own type of vehicle, but in the legal sense it is considered an “electric bike”.

Larger electric scooters with a motor power of 1000 watts are classified as Class 1 mini scooters. These electric scooters must be registered, they must not be riding on a bike path and the driver must have a helmet – which the police have explained (click to read more).

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter told nurse Emma Helm at St Goran Hospital in Stockholm that they receive at least one person a day who has been injured on an electric scooter – and even more over the weekends:

“I feel like fewer people need to go to hospital after bike accidents,” Emma Helm told DN. “But those who ride electric scooters seem to hurt themselves to a greater extent and have slightly more serious injuries.”

Driving on the sidewalk is prohibited in some countries

Some stats from the USA It also does not exist, but the AP news agency has conducted a review of various accidents using electric scooters. They found that from 2018 to today, there have been 11 fatal accidents to electric scooters in the United States, 9 of which were on rental electric bikes.

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In many major cities and some countries (including the UK), it is forbidden to drive an electric scooter on the pavement. This is a rule that many drivers ignore.

Sweden’s first death

In California, the electric scooter appeared In 2017, hospitals immediately noticed that more and more people needed hospital care. In 2018, a Los Angeles hospital admitted 249 people who needed care after electric scooter accidents, 40% of whom had head injuries. Only four percent of the wounded were wearing a helmet.

The day after the Voi rental company began operations in Helsingborg, May 30, a 26-year-old man died in a traffic accident with an electric bicycle after colliding with a car. The accident must have happened on a hill, where the electric scooter can increase speed.

There are three companies in Sweden Which rent electric scooters in several Swedish cities: Glyde, Lime and Voi. Several players announced that they would prove themselves in Sweden. Electric scooters that can be rented are relatively new to Sweden, where the first came about six months ago.

Second opinion: Eric Soderholm, Digital Editor

“The problem is not always the electric scooters themselves”

Mini Electric Scooters Really taking cities seriously. On almost every street corner, an electric scooter passes near a stressed city dweller.

In the last month, more headlines about electric scooters have appeared than before. The Throwed on the sidewalk anyway Which makes it very difficult for blind and handicapped people, they have Very poor durability And they caused a lot of injuries, according to reports from both the United States and Sweden.

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But we will do that too أيض Remember that electric scooters can play a very important role in reducing emissions. Many “electric scooter riders” may have driven a car or otherwise taken a diesel taxi. It’s even more wasteful for the environment and the already limited space in the city.

Then I think it’s a lot of fun with innovative solutions that allow people to switch between A and B more smoothly and faster.

Everyone who rides a bike Stockholm knows how terrible the situation can be, with bike lanes “disappearing” and incorrect parking in the bike lane. I am convinced that the problem here is not always with the vehicles themselves – bicycles or electric scooters – but the city is not at all prepared for this kind of “new” transportation.

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Yes, electric scooters should be banned! (= gas)

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