Egmont releases a new children’s magazine in 14 countries – LEGO® Explorer

In mid-July, the premiere of Egmont Publishing’s new children’s project LEGO® Explorer, which will be released in Sweden and a total of 14 European countries. LEGO® Explorer is a completely new magazine concept based on what is called STEAM learning and focuses on fun learning and creative creativity in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

LEGO® Explorer is the result of a close developmental collaboration between Egmont Publishing and LEGO® and has been specifically developed to stimulate learning and creativity in girls and boys aged 6-10 years. The magazine is full of inspiring content, tips, and guides that spark curiosity and encourage readers to design their own LEGO® prototypes and unleash their creativity.

In addition to Sweden, LEGO® Explorer was released in the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine and Latvia.

We are very pleased to be able to present this exciting news. We have a long tradition of developing high-quality content for children and teens, and we already know how much girls and boys appreciate our LEGO® magazines. With LEGO® Explorer, we are taking a new step in our successful collaboration with LEGO®, as we combine our strength to encourage fun reading and creative learning, says Marika Park, Children’s Business District Manager at Egmont Publishing.

Each version of LEGO® Explorer has a special feature. The first issue is devoted to robotics and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). Readers can look forward to a wealth of exciting content about robots from both the real world and the LEGO® world, ranging from building instructions to various robots, mobile phone holders and an exciting technical puzzle, to many complex experiments and creative challenges. Each magazine also comes with an exclusive LEGO® set that readers can build together or blend with their LEGO® collections.

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LEGO® Explorer will release 3 releases in 2020 and thereafter a total of 6 releases per year. The magazine can be requested to subscribe via, for example Dintidning.seThe first issue will be released in stores on July 14.

Photos can be downloaded from Egmont’s press room at Mynewsdesk.

For more information please contact,
Jonas Lidheimer, Director of Public Relations and Information, Egmont Publishing,, 0708 63 94 62

Madeleine Gripsten, Project Manager, Egmont Publishing,, 0761 73 26 13

Footnote: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics and is an educational model in which the five domains meet. STEAM learning is based on a process-based approach and pedagogical methods where mutual exploration and learning are at the center. Learning STEAM helps us understand how different areas affect each other in society

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