EFD: “It’s a lot about attitude and will”

Many clubs with teams in Sweden for men in recent years have started women’s teams or have acquired a women’s team in their operations. Elite women’s soccer, EFD, believes there are several factors behind this happening at the moment.

– I think society as a whole. But you also see a business and sporting interest, which is that you can attract new target groups by having a female business as well, says Annika Grälls, Chairman of EFD, for SVT Sport.

Malmö FF is one of the teams that started recently, but it is also an association that had women’s teams before. Annika Grälls believes there is a reason why women’s Swedish today is largely made up of purely women’s associations and clubs who now have a male and female team in the same business that must work for her to succeed.

I think it has a lot to do with attitude and will, if you want it seriously, you also have to have a plan on how to integrate women’s businesses in a good way, she says.

“I think it benefits football in general.”

There is one thing the men’s team has that Anika Grylls hopes the ladies will participate in – large crowds of fans.

I think it’s important to see that you can be a fan regardless of the team that plays. If we can participate in this part, which is to keep the club regardless of the team, then I think it benefits football in general.

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That is why the big clubs invest in the women’s teams

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