Duckduckgo is developing a blockchain to replace cookies with Google

Google is currently developing a new technology to collect user data in the Chrome browser. Unified cohort learning (Floc) is alternative To the third-party cookies used so far. Cookies are individual and are used to track users’ preferences, personalize ads, and the like.

Google’s Floc serves the same purpose, but at a group level. Targeted ads can still be served, but according to Google, the aggregate data can no longer be associated with specific users. Unlike cookies, the subscription cannot be unsubscribed, which is what the company and the search service Duckduckgo consider problematic. So they have developed a browser extension for Chrome to block Floc.

We are disappointed that, despite the many publicly expressed concerns about FLoC that have yet to be addressed, Google is actually imposing FLoC on users without explicitly asking them to sign up. Nevertheless, we are committed and will continue to do our part to present our vision to raise the level of trust online – Duckduckgos blogg

Duckduckgo offers a glimpse of itself as a web privacy company. In a blog post Expressing some disappointment with Floc’s introduction, it advises its users to stop or restrict their use of their Chrome browser. Google itself believes that Floc enhances privacy instead compared to traditional cookies.

The Duckduckgo browser extension must first be approved by Google before it can be available for download by users, but according to Searchengine Journal, the company feels confident that it will be approved and made available for the 2021.4.8 version of the extension. They also introduced changes to allow users to automatically avoid Floc when using Duckduckgo as their Chrome search engine, whether or not they use the extension.

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