Donald Trump is said to be on the verge of creating an alternative to Twitter

Since Donald Trump was expelled from Twitter, there has been silence from the former president when it comes to social media. Trump was put on hold for the January 6 storming of the Capitol after warning that the shutdown could become permanent.

On Sunday, Donald Trump is gone Counselor Jason Miller in an interview with Fox News, With a statement that Trump will create his own platform, a kind of Twitter alternative, and that this will become a reality within two to three months.

According to Miller, who was Trump’s spokesperson during the 2020 presidential campaign, the new platform will attract tens of millions of users and fundamentally change social media.

Donald Trump was almost 89 million followers on his own account, realDonald Trump, according to the statistics site Socialbakers. During his time with the account, between May 2009 and January 2021, Trump tweeted 59,558 times.

to me Interested in the trade It took five attempts by a Dutch hacker to hack Trump’s October 2020 login: “maga2020!”

Hacker Giveaways By Dutch prosecutors after the break-in was judged by the hackers to show security flaws and not cause harm.

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