Donald Trump is being investigated over phone calls to Georgia

On December 23, Donald Trump made his first two calls that are now being investigated in Georgia. During the conversation, while the vote count was in progress in Georgia, the then-president urged the investigator to “find fraud.” He also reported that whoever did exactly that would be seen as the nation’s hero, according to the sources, among others Washington Post And the ABC News.

The second conversation with Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger on January 2nd was even more surprising. In the conversation that was completely leaked to Washington Post Two days later, Trump asked Ravensburger to “find” enough votes for Georgia to win the election to go to Trump in place of Joe Biden.

– The people of Georgia are angry, the people of the country are angry. There is nothing wrong with saying you have reckoned, the former president is heard saying

– I just want to find 11,780 votes.

Trump violated at least three electoral laws

The official investigation by the Secretary of State is now starting after a series of reports from law professor John F. Banzaf, he writes Reuters. According to him, these are at least three electoral laws that Trump has violated and could lead to imprisonment.

We are conducting an investigation, which is by its nature a realistic and administrative investigation. Ravensburger spokesman Walter Jones said that decisions on further legal action will be taken by the attorney general (in Georgia). ABC News.

When the investigation is complete, it will be referred to the election authority, which must then decide whether the case will be referred to the Minister of Justice or the district attorney. The call to Ravensburger is also mentioned in the indictment issued by the Supreme Court, which will begin processing in the Senate on Tuesday. Fulton County Prosecutor (Atlanta) Fanny Willis described the phone calls as outrageous, saying she would enforce the law “without fear”.

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