Donald Trump has lost the Senate – and the Supreme Court continues

The Senate has a constitutional right to hold Supreme Court hearings against former President Donald Trump. By numbers 56-44, the Senate stated that the trial could continue on Wednesday, when the House Attorney General begins presenting his case.

Six Republicans on the Democratic side

Six Republicans and 50 Democrats voted in the Senate to vote. It was about prospective senators Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Ben Sass, Pat Tommy, and a much more unexpected name: Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, who explained his decision as follows:

“If someone disagrees with my vote and wants an explanation, I ask them to listen to the arguments presented by representatives of the House of Representatives and the attorney of former President Trump. The House of Representatives had much stronger constitutional arguments than the president’s attorney did,” Cassidy wrote, noting that the vote was only correct if The Senate had a constitutional right to continue the process and its vote should not be interpreted as implying it would vote to oust Trump.

The result means that those who want to see Trump fall still face steep upheavals. Conviction requires a two-thirds majority, which requires virtually 17 Republican votes. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, was among the senators who voted “no” – a bad sign for the Democrats.

Four hour debate

The vote was preceded by a four-hour debate, in which representatives of the House of Representatives began showing a film about the events of January 6. Then they highlight their arguments about a constitutional reason to file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court against a former president. Something that supports them in a quasi-unanimous body of experts on constitutional law. As they say, among other things, it would be simply illogical not to bring a former president before a Supreme Court.

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“This means that the president may betray the country and then resign, to avoid the Supreme Court or other consequences,” said Joe Neguz, one of the Supreme Court prosecutors.

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Mats Larson in the Supreme Court v. Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now facing his second Supreme Court. Expressen’s foreign affairs editor on issues, results, and upcoming period.

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