Documentary Drama Brawl: How Much Can You Invent About Real People?

TV4’s Queens has created a historic brawl with Eric XIV’s wife Karen Mansdotter in the middle of a storm. Editors have been accused in their posts and articles of wrongful fact and defamation. Something that the channel rejects.

– It’s completely incorrect. Using dozens of different historians and researchers, we’re photographing the history of the different queens, says Mia Lindqvist, Program Director, To Aftonbladet.

But besides the factual debate, the criticism was also about how to imagine the lives of long-dead souls: what they thought and felt. How much right can you take when it comes to living within someone’s psyche to dramatize an actual event or person?

Controversial book on the issue of Alhaigbi

The authors and attorneys Lena Iberval and Pierre E. Samuelson published The Unfortunate Majesty of Kurt in 2008, and critics have deemed the line between fact and fiction too weak. But the book became a bestseller, and later accounts of legal decay where fiction and facts mix with equal resistance.

We don’t refer to anyone as a criminal or frown in his lifestyle, after which you can come up with how much you want, as Per E Samuelson says about his reasons for creating new characters for real people.

“Up to the listener”

P3 Historia has also embarked on producing dramatic documentaries, including about Karin Månsdotter. Host Cecilia Döringer says you get more freedom when you do entertainment.

Historians are involved in writing history. We’re on P3 history, or I’m basically a history teacher, we’re busy trying to convey and tell history. As long as we have said our intention, we can play and tell the story with a sparkle in our eyes, she says and adds:

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– Of course I don’t falsify the story, but if I am clear that I am assuming or assuming, it’s up to the listener and then manage it, she says.

Watch Per E Samuelson, Lena Ebervall, and Cecilia Düringer in the clip.

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