Doctrin launches an integrated healthcare solution

The Doctrin Network is now being launched to offer seamless patient travel and facilitate collaboration between different healthcare departments. With the new Doctrine solution, care staff in different care units can call on staff and instruct the patient further, without sacrificing patient safety or data security.

Ineffective processes and long lead times of healthcare are partly due to a lack of good tools for collaboration and information exchange between different care units. So Doctrin launched the Doctrin Network, which aims to bridge the barriers that exist in today’s healthcare system. Doctrin digital solutions are already used by many of Sweden’s largest caregivers with nearly 1.5 million patients annually.

The Doctrin network has an overview where the patient can see all new, ongoing, and old cases, regardless of the unit of care the condition is in. For care personnel, it will be possible to invite employees from other units in the same situation or directly guide the patient through digital referral.

The first to facilitate collaboration between sponsorship units is Capio. The goal is to give patients access to care so that they can be directed to the right level of care without having to repeat their care needs or endure long waiting times.

“We want to make it easy for the patient to navigate what can sometimes be a rather difficult jungle of information and levels of care. With the Doctrin network, we make it easier for patients who have sought care to get help to be directed directly to the appropriate level of care. A tool that gives healthcare professionals satisfaction with their ability to help in a more seamless manner. Says Maria Haas, Nurse and Operations Coordinator in Cabio

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A smooth patient journey at the front assumes a solid information architecture at the back.

“The fact that the patient can give their consent at all stages has been a major factor in enabling integrated care that does not detract from the strength of the patient but rather reinforces it. We have also developed an easy-to-use digital handshake between care units to ensure patients do not fall between the chairs, but there is always a clear responsibility for the patient.”, Says Anna Karen Edstead Ponami Doctrin CEO and medical practitioner

Capio will launch the Doctrin Network in early March. Other leading caregivers like Praktikertjänst are also planning to start working with Doctrin Network in the spring.

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