Do not underestimate the requirements for doctors abroad

Sweden relies on doctors Foreign degree – our domestic production of doctors is insufficient in the long run. But visions that immigration from countries outside of Europe would give the country a massive influx of doctors with the scalpel in full swing, did not materialize.

In 2016, a medical knowledge test was introduced for non-European physicians. It was a disappointing story for everyone involved.

In the first test, in October 2016, more than 8 in 10 were elderly.

The criticism was harsh, and the test was deemed too difficult and too linguistically complex. Since then, some adjustments have been made, but the results have not improved significantly. First test this year, Which was implemented in February, Written by 212 people. Only 46 people have been approved. Just over 20 percent, which is what it usually looks like.

After the February test, the frustration became so great that only a few hundred foreign doctors They gathered around a call. One of them, American Jason Levine, told LaCartedningen that the test was still very difficult. According to him, “independent doctors from Lund and Karolinska” had read the questions and believed that some of the questions required specialized competence.

Could the test also be Swedish?

Is that correct? Interestingly enough, the test was written in February Also by the SwedesMore specifically, 150 Swedish medical students were randomly assigned. Of those who went to the seventh trimester, 48 percent succeeded. Of those who undergo the penultimate, tenth chapter, 75 percent are approved.

Hence, the test is not very difficult for educated people in Sweden. No specialist skills required, not even a full-fledged AT service.

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Could the test also be Swedish? Is there knowledge uniquely important in Swedish healthcare? In this case, it is not necessarily a problem. Doctors must work in Swedish healthcare.

And health care systems may be more national in nature than one would think. In the UK, doctors from India – and In India, 84 percent are gears Returning Indians who studied medicine abroad.

They met with the National Board of Health and Welfare who wisely put their thumbs down.

The indisputable difficulty for foreign doctors in Sweden is, of course, the language itself. Swedish is clearly more difficult to learn than politicians realize when designing their fast and intense years.

How difficult is it for a doctor from Syria or Iraq to master the test of knowledge in medicine in the Swedish language, when two out of three Italians who wanted to work as a doctor in the United Kingdom failed the global English language test!

Pressure is made from time to time to simplify the test language. About this year required Quartet of Kalmar PlekingWho takes part in tests of knowledge “The language of the test corresponds to the location of the examinee, ie Swedish high school.”. They met with the National Board of Health and Welfare who wisely put their thumbs down. Jason Levine and colleagues will also meet with the National Board of Health and Welfare. We hope the authority keeps the banner of quality requirements still high.

No matter how severe it feels to fail the knowledge test of doctors with long professional experience from their home country, it is absolutely impossible to compromise on quality.

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Healthcare is for the sick, not for the staff.

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