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St. Eriks is the leading supplier in Sweden of tiles, paving stones, walls, roofs, water, drainage and rail systems made of concrete or natural stone. The company, founded in 1888, has taken a holistic approach to climate issues and is actively working to find new ways to contribute to climate action.

– We have issued environmental product data, so called EPD, for our products. All EPDs are audited and recorded by third parties. In our product sectors, we come out first and it’s something we’re very proud of, says Therese Kvarnstrom, Director of Sustainability at S: t Eriks.

Important and transparent tool

EPDs are an important and transparent tool to give the company’s customers an increased understanding of the environmental impact of concrete during the various life cycle stages. Working with Analytics, S: t Eriks looks at the environmental impact of a product from the perspective of the entire life cycle.

The thing that not everyone may know is that concrete absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide during its life. Our concrete and natural stone products last a very long time, Therese continues.

Wet chipboard has given life to Sergels torg for over 50 years

Through a unique manufacturing method, the company can offer “Superplate” which is significantly more durable than traditional concrete panels. Saint Eric’s super plate can be found on the Sergels torg, where it has been around for more than 50 years and is still functioning. The super plate is also available on Klarabergsgatan in Stockholm in a slightly modified look, developed in cooperation with Stockholm and Skanska.

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– Our premium mold contains only natural raw materials in the form of rock crusher, cement and water. Since the board is made of a monolithic layer, it is also very durable and durable. This means that it has a much longer shelf life than many other tiles. Therese says that by laying moisture-pressed tiles instead of a conventional concrete slab, carbon dioxide is saved up to 40%.

It distinguishes itself from the perspective of sustainability

In addition to Superplate, St. Erik is at several other levels from a sustainability perspective. The new Solvej Solar Cell Ceiling Boiler was launched in 2020 and is designed to provide high power and maximum cooling to the solar cell. Another example is Terrakomp, a velocity barrier with prefabricated units in monolithic masonry casting natural stone with reinforcement into concrete. Instead of weeks, Terrakomp takes only one day to get into place, which drastically reduces traffic disruptions. The speed bumper has a very long service life and it can also be moved and reused.

For many years, we have worked actively to improve recipes and reduce cement quantities. We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide. We have recently made additional prescription changes in several of our facilities, thus we were able to reduce our CO2 emissions by another 5%. Therese also concluded that we have also replaced all of our electricity with wind power with the Swedish Society for Conservation of Nature’s label “Choose the good environment”.

Facts: Saint Ericks

St. Ericks works with stone, concrete, and very durable natural materials. We have managed to maintain a leading position by offering the most innovative products since its inception in 1888. We do this by constantly working with product development and close to our customers.

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website: www.steriks.se

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