Digital Foundry is testing the next generation Control update

How well does ray tracing work and which machine does best?

Control: the absolute version It was released and as a result the game takes advantage of additional teraflops for next-generation machines and technologies such as ray tracing. Digital Foundry reviewed this on the Xbox Series S, X, and of course, Playstation 5 to see which version is better.

The X Series and PS5 offer two modes, one of which is there control It works at 60 frames per second and 1 at 30 with ray tracing on. Both run at 1440 pixels. The S series should stabilize at 60 fps and 900 pixels.

In terms of performance mode, Playstation 5 appears to offer the most consistent image update, with some small drops. Sometimes the Xbox Series X and S get tougher, with more noticeable notches in the stream, but there Digital Foundry thinks it doesn’t feel hardware-bound and that something else is affected.

The ray tracing mode review boils down to the fact that both devices handle it well, with small flaws that don’t detract from the overall impression according to Digital Foundry. However, they touchingly agree that the game, with all its action, runs better at 60 frames per second.

Now you can run the original version of control Via Xbox Game Pass while the Ultimate Edition, with a next-gen upgrade, is included on Playstation Plus in February.

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