“Difficult talks” when the United States meets China in Alaska

Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said that during the two-day meeting in Alaska, Americans expected tough words, but also had the opportunity to have “honest” talks.

The Chinese side was defensive as we expected. But we also had honest conversations about various things. About Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and the climate. There, our interests go in the same direction, he says.

Senior Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi said they believed the talks were constructive, but the differences are many.

“There are still big differences between the two,” Yang told Xinhua.

“In a descending manner”

The meeting began on Thursday with speeches that lasted only a few minutes but lasted more than an hour. Foreign Secretary Blinken chose to speak about electronic warfare in China and the Beijing regime’s actions against Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang.

Although Yang Jiechi spoke fluent English, he chose to speak Chinese and answered with the same currency. He said that the United States “is using its military might and financial dominance to extend its diligence to the world and the recession of other countries.”

After the opening remarks, the media were asked to leave the room – but according to the news agencies present immediately, Chinese officials objected to the necessity for the journalists to stay, arguing that they should witness the “transcendent way” of the visiting delegation from Beijing. Been processed.

“Serious and direct”

When the meeting doors were later closed, and conversations began without the presence of the media, however, the mood seemed to thaw a bit – despite the fact that it was still a cold winter with around ten degrees below zero in the meeting city of Anchorage. The United States described the deliberations as “substantive, serious and direct,” and they lasted longer than expected.

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The meeting was the first at such a high level since Biden took office in January.

Biden himself said earlier today that he is “proud” of Anthony Blinken after the meeting began in Alaska.

Henrik Samuelson / TT

China and the United States are two of the largest countries on Earth, almost no matter how you measure.

With an area of ​​more than nine million square kilometers each, they are ranked third and fourth in land area in the world (after Russia and Canada) – and third and fourth, respectively, depending on what the country’s area contains.

In terms of population, China and India are still the front runners in the battle for number one in the world, with just over 1.4 and just under 1.4 billion people respectively. In this context, the United States is relatively far third, with a population of approximately 330 million.

Economically, the United States is the largest in the world, with a GDP of $ 21.5 trillion, while China comes second, with a GDP of $ 14.5 trillion. However, growth trends show that the Asian country will change. And if the numbers are adjusted according to purchasing power, called PPP in English, then China is already number one in the world.

China and the United States are both nuclear powers, but in completely different degrees. The United States, along with Russia, has the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world, around 6,000 each. China has “only 300”, that is, nearly France.

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