Dice LA could have a hand in the upcoming Battlefield

Battlefield Hollywood? Dog …

next one battlefieldThe games are scheduled for the end of 2021, and it looks like Dice LA will have a hand in the game. Studio design director Justin Webb writes in a series of tweets that he will work with the brand battlefieldAnd, with a new full-size game in the series underway, first guesses fall on it.

Dice LA never made her own game, but worked as an employee for, for example Battlefield 5. A year ago, there was no person less than Vince Zampella (Infinity Ward, Respawn) who took over as director of the studio and then expressed his ambitions to make a completely private game and possibly give the studio a new name. But now it looks like she stays on battlefieldCountry at least for a longer period. Unless they shock the gaming world by coding the next game in the series on their own, but that would be a sensation to say the least. We all think Stockholm’s Dice has the emblem of this prestigious title.

No one yet knows what this year’s setup will be battlefield. In the last two headings, World Wars I and II are discussed so maybe it will be different this time. The future again? Or a land not tested like the Cold War? Where do you want to fight the next day battlefield?

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