Devyser hack request in Latin America

IMSS, the largest public care provider in Mexico and INP, the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico, selects Devyser to improve diagnosis, follow-up and care for transplant patients

The largest public care provider in Mexico, IMSS, and the National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico, INP, choose Devysers Chimerism NGSA product in a purchase process that spans over three years. The purchase concerns test kits with reagents for DNA sequencing and programs for monitoring patients who have undergone stem cell transplantation. Devyser’s new NGS-based test kit is an effective diagnostic tool that allows clinicians to predict rejection of transplanted bone marrow and recurrence of primary disease at a very early stage. In this way, you can quickly implement an effective treatment that saves lives and improves the quality of life for these patients,” says Ulf Clangby, founder and chief operating officer of Deviser. “Through close collaboration with our local distributor Abalat, doctors and patients in Mexico now have access to these advanced diagnoses. “We see a growing demand for efficient, sensitive and easy-to-use diagnostic products as an alternative to traditional methods,” says Mario Abad, CEO of Abalat. “Devyser software and NGS-based test kits give hospitals access to the latest technology and a valuable tool that will improve care for transplant patients in their Mexico.” More than one million patients worldwide have had stem cell transplants and require lifelong monitoring. Aftercare for transplant patients is being developed very rapidly thanks to the availability of new, sensitive and effective diagnostic tools as well as improved treatment methods.

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Ulf Clangby, Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Frederic Albstein, CEO Deviser
Phone: 0706 67 31 06

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