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Design news in the preview version of Android 12

Google released a preview version of Android 12 last night. The new Android interface was disabled by Google in the preview version. No major design changes are expected until later this year.

However, the preview release still brings plenty of news about design and functionality. Dave Burke said about it News for developers Yesterday here is a compilation matching user focus.

Interface optimized for one-handed use

The hidden setting activates a new interface for settings that pushes each shot down by displaying a large blank shock at the top, making it easier to access buttons and menus. Google is also using a colored background, instead of an absolutely white background as before.

The new design is similar to Samsung One UI and it could go standard on Android 12.

Double pressure on the back cover

In Android 12, users could double-tap the back cover to execute commands, something that had been happening for a long time. For example, you can double-click the Google Assistant, take a screenshot, pause and resume playback, or open the notifications menu.

New toggle buttons

The start and stop buttons have a new design. A check mark appears when the setting is activated, and a dash appears when it is turned off. The shift buttons are also slightly more elongated and wider.


Google is finally choosing to create an official one-handed mode in Android, after manufacturers have been providing their one-handed solutions for years. It’s not really a straightforward one-handed position, but a way to make it easier to reach things on the top without changing the knobs.

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That is, the mode that works the same as in the iOS interface is pulled down a little. Users can specify whether the mode should automatically exit when switching to a new app, and when the mode should automatically exit after several seconds of inactivity.

Control launch tools in the notifications menu

Android 11 introduced playback controls in the notifications menu. For example, if Spotify is playing music, a tool will appear in the notification list which provides control of the playback.

On Android 12, you can select which apps are allowed to display launchers in the notification menu. In other words, it can be turned off for individual apps.

Notification list

Android 12 will bring major changes regarding notifications and notification list. Much of the news is missing in the first preview release, but a lot has happened in terms of design.

As with the settings, for example, the white background is no longer used, and the background is no longer solid black when the dark theme is activated. XDA, however I managed to activate The new design is in its current condition as shown in the screenshots below.

Photo-in-picture optimization

Although the implementation is in an incomplete state at the moment, Android 12 will improve image-in-picture functionality, with the ability to zoom in / out and the ability to let the box rest on the sides.

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The notifications menu can be opened with gestures anywhere

One of the advantages of the rear capacitive fingerprint readers is that they can be used as a kind of trackpad. For example, Pixel phones and others allow users to view the notifications list by swiping down over the fingerprint reader.

A new gesture in Android 12 allows users to scroll down to open the notifications menu. Not only does it work in the Pixel Launcher home screen app but everywhere, hovering over the navigation bar is implemented at the bottom.

A more elongated popup menu

The menu that appears when you long press icons on the Home screen has become more elongated. The menu is shown in Android 11 on the left, while Android 12 on the right.


  • Animated screenshots that allow users to capture more of what is displayed on the screen. However, the functionality is not complete in the preview version.
  • Users can actually choose to edit screenshots immediately after capturing them, through a built-in tool. This editor has been improved and refined in Android 12.
  • Easily share Wi-Fi password with the proximity sharing feature.

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