Deputy wants to take back Swedish mothers of ISIS – (ECOT) news

It does not help that the children stay there for a long time and the situation is closed this way. But then we have to make sure that mothers also come with children to Sweden, says the Green Party’s immigration spokesperson, Rasmus Ling.

It is unclear how much Children and women with ties to Sweden in the al-Hol and Rouge camps in north-eastern Syria. According to the State Department, there could be about 30 children and about 20 women.

Last winter, the United Nations harshly criticized Sweden, among other countries, for not taking its citizens home from the camps. But pending possible criminal investigations and trials, it is not appropriate to bring Swedish women home from the camps, it is still the message of the State Department. This is what Secretary of State Ann Lind said in the Swedish Parliament recently.

As I mentioned before, it has nothing to do with the repatriation of women who wish to voluntarily leave the camps in northeastern Syria. They will be investigated by the local self-government, for crimes, including any contact with ISIS.

According to the Foreign Ministry opposed Autonomy in northeastern Syria in which children are separated from their mothers, unless the mothers agree to do so. But so far, none of the Swedish women has expressed a desire to the Foreign Ministry to allow their children to travel to Sweden on their own.

In order to free the children, the government must now, according to the Green Party, indicate that Sweden is willing to accept helping mothers of children return home as well. Immigration policy spokesman Rasmus Ling believes that women can be prosecuted in Sweden if they commit a crime.

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– Not for the women we do this, but for the children, he says.

Is there no point that these women are subject to criminal investigations, and any prosecutions there by the local self-government?

On the part of the Green Party, we think the positions there are more important to consider. Rasmus Ling (Member of Parliament) says they have been there for a long time, the children are innocent of what their parents did, and they can’t wait any longer.

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