Denmark is open to students to test themselves

On Thursday, Danish Prime Minister Mitt Frederiksen traveled to Israel to discuss the vaccine issue with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Curtis was also on the trip, and Mette Frederiksen tip him off.

– I bring home inspirations from Austria that opened schools, among other things by students who test themselves. If children were allowed to return to school faster, that would be great, she said in a statement on Facebook.

Now you will take up the proposal at home in Denmark.

I look forward to continuing to discuss the matter with the parliamentary parties, she said.

On Thursday, Mette Frederiksen met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

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Students are positive

In Austria, children return to school in early February. Since then, all students have tested themselves twice a week. Those who refuse to test themselves are sent home for digital tutoring.

But after a month, it’s getting pretty routine.

At first I thought it would be annoying, but it wasn’t that serious. You can stick the stick in one nostril and then the other and then you have to wait 15 minutes to get the results, says an Austrian school student, According to TV2.

Esther Vive is the president of the Danske Skoleelever Association. She is positive about the suggestion.

Most elementary school students are happy to take four exams per week if this is required to be allowed to return to school. She says they miss her.

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