Denmark announces if the country is opened

On Wednesday, February 24, the Danish government will submit new bids.

They must decide whether coronary artery strictures in the country should be maintained or eased – and if so, how.

– The government does not want to keep the community closed for a day longer than necessary. The reopening plan is based on the fact that it must, of course, be healthy when we let go of restrictions. At the same time, the reopening should take place as predictably as possible, said Magnus Hoencke, Denmark’s health minister, in a press release read by Extra Palladium.

Mette Frederiksen (S) is the Prime Minister of Denmark.

Photo: YVES HERMAN / AP TT News Agency


With the help of mathematical calculations and recommendations, the government will be able to decide which decision to make, the health minister said.

– Mathematical calculations, healthcare settings and recommendations from a professional reference group are critical to us so that we can open up the community as much as possible in the situation we are in now. Here, the experts at our universities have contributed very important work, so we have as strong a foundation as possible when we open our doors again, says Magnus Heunicke in the press release.

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