Democrats are expected to respond with their own investigations

The vote in the Senate on Friday ended in defeating the proposal for an independent investigation into the storming of Congress.

Gone in short words To form an independent commission, composed of equal parts of Republicans and Democrats who take no partisan political considerations into account. Similar investigations have been set After the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the September 11 attacks. But not in this case.

The total number of votes requested was 60 but only 54 were reached. The fact that six Republicans, including Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, voted in favor of the proposal was not enough to approve it.

The next day, the vote in the American media is being called a victory for Republicans and Donald Trump, who now appears to be avoiding accountability for the possible role he played in the uprising.

Post-talk has also worked That Republicans used the first so-called stalling of the year, the controversial stalling technique used to prevent or stop voting altogether. The Democrats needed three-fifths of the vote – 60 out of 100 – to stop the stalling, but the Senate doesn’t have that support.

The hope of a full survey of the attack on the Capitol, which killed five people and left many injured, now rests with House Democrats, who are expected to appoint a special parliamentary committee, with a view to digging. More information on what happened on January 6th.

Such a commission would provide Authorizing Democrats to issue subpoenas and schedule interrogations, as part of understanding the events surrounding and behind the attack and the role of someone Donald Trump played.

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Experts believe, however, that such an initiative is likely to encounter opposition from the Republican side, as it is biased and therefore unreliable. This is despite the fact that during Friday’s vote the false proposal, which therefore did not enjoy sufficient support from Republicans, was presented on a bipartisan basis.

Another option is for President Joe Biden to appoint a group to investigate the events of January 6, the New York Times reported.

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