December beats Black Week – provinces picking e-commerce

Christmas online shopping breaks all records. At least based on a new collection that Klarna made. The company notes that e-commerce growth was higher during the first three weeks of December (54 percent) compared to the black week of this year, when the increase was 42 percent compared to the corresponding week of last year.

We saw massive increases and record sales of Swedish online retailers during the month of December. This is a clear break of the trend as the increase in previous years was greater during the black week than in the following weeks in December and this year is the opposite. We know that many people are shopping online to protect themselves and others during the pandemic, so it is only natural for online shopping to see significant increases while shopping at Christmas in December, says Vivika Soderbak, Klarna’s expert on consumer behavior, in a press release.

Most e-commerce purchases are made by people in the 36-45 age group, but the 76-85-year-old group has increased their e-commerce the most since last year’s survey. Women account for two-thirds of the turnover generated by online purchases.

So far in December, the most popular categories to shop in were entertainment, jewelry, accessories, and baby products. During the black week, consumer electronics was the most popular category.

Klarna has also looked at the counties where Christmas online shopping has increased the most. Thus the national average was 54%.

The entire list (this year increased compared to 3-20 December 2019):

Ostriotland 64%
Stockholm County 63%
Skåne 57%
Västra Götaland Region 54%
Gotland Region 54%
Uppsala County 54%
Haaland Region 54%
Kalmar County 53%
Fastmanland County 51%
Södermanland County 48%
Västernorrland County 45%
Västerbotten County 45%
Bleking County 45%
Jönköping County 44%
Orebro County 44%
Gävleburg Lan 43%
Jamtland County 43%
Kronoberg District 42%
Varmland County 42%
Dalarna County 41%
Norrbotten County 41%

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