Days Gone 2 would have had a common world of collaboration. The director of the first game speaks

We recently got an insight into the Playstation Studio release plans and found, among other things, that an updated version of The Last of Us is in development and Days Gone will not have a sequel. On top of that, we also discovered that Playstation’s focus on mega-mega games took a little toll on building morale because developers don’t feel they can do what they want. The mood may not have been too good for the Bend Studios developers at Days Gone who provided a sequel to their zombie game shortly after the first game was released, but the stadium was rejected and the developers ordered Naughty Dog to help in The Last of Us: Part 2 instead of doing something special. Your.

Recently, Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, starred in the live broadcast of God of War father David Jaffe to talk about his career, and during the broadcast we found out what we were going to do in the Days Gone series. This all sounds interesting, without a doubt. At first, it looks like the Deacon story will continue, but in addition to that, a multiplayer mode will be implemented where the game world will be shared with other players and the focus will be on performing cooperative missions and creating your own combos. A bit like Red Dead Online, but with motorbikes and zombies. More specifically, this was said:
It would have been a secondary mode if we had it done in the first mode, or even in another mode. I’m not going to complicate the main narrative … because that’s really what we’re good at. This was the strength of the first title so build on that and make it even better.

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But then, take this world that you built, and all of these assets and systems, and repurpose them for a kind of similar multiplayer version of this universe. So it would be with men like Deacon trying to survive, build a club or a crew. I think it’d be fun to be in this world cooperatively and see what legion battles could be like.

We still haven’t received confirmation that Days Gone’s story will be closed completely and in the stream, Ross also says you should never say. By the way, Days Gone will be the next Playstation title to be released for PC and if the game becomes popular there, chances are Sony may offer a thumbs up for a sequel.

Below is David Jaffe’s entire stream.

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