David Sundin’s shopping behavior caused Posten to sound the alarm

Actor, comedian and host David Sundin, who is praised among other things for his role as the owner in SVT’s “Best in Test”, loves to shop.

He loves to shop so much that other people have encouraged him to consider an extra course.

On the Carina Bergfeldt talk show on SVT, he talked about how it helped him realize that he needed to curb the behavior.

I might be a pimp more, because I buy a lot of things. He says it was really tough during aura when you had more time and could order things.

David Sundin: “I got a reality check.”

Realizing that things were getting out of hand, he didn’t get it on his own.

It was the postman where the parcels he had ordered were sent online, which he finally clicked due to the overwhelming amount of parcels he got.

– I got a realistic check when I was delivering my parcel when it was at its worst. Then I could go over there and take four or five parcels and then I came back home and then there was a new avi there, then I came back again and then there was a time when she looked at me with surrender and said, “Listen, I will do not leave your computer for a while, Isn’t it? ” Says David Sunden, who continues:

– Then she realized that if she told me … she might have seen some.

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