Cyberpunk 2077 update has been delayed to March. Everything is okay now

CD Projekt RED had very broad plans to improve Cyberpunk 2077. The game was released in December, but it soon became crystal clear that the game would feel a lot better if it were put on hold by about six months. CD Projekt’s plans to fix the game largely had two hard patches, plus a bunch of minor hotfixes. The first patch was released at the end of January, and a set of bugs were fixed and performance improved. The update will also serve as a basis for facilitating future updates. The second correction will be released at the end of February, but this has been postponed until the second half of March.

In a series of Twitter posts, CD Projekt RED writes that due to the scale of the update and the IT architecture of the studio, it became difficult to complete the update and simply not possible to deliver the update on time. However, the developers promise that the update will deliver a great deal of quality improvements and bug fixes, which is pretty cool.

Bloomberg gives us a slightly sad picture of what is going on in building CDPR and the hack on developers earlier this year left its mark. As is well known, CDPR asked the bullies to tighten blocks instead of paying a ransom, but this has resulted in developers who have worked at home for the past two weeks shutting down their workstations because they were unable to use their VPN. Moreover, employees ‘computers must be scanned by the developers’ IT department for malware, which puts more obstacles in the way of the Cyberpunk 2077 update.

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