Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One has big problems

CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited open-world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, Is now in the hands of the crowd – and gamers log in to find a not-so-optimized experience on last-generation consoles.

Videos featuring glitches, frame rate issues, massive appearances, and more are starting to circulate on social media, although it’s unclear if all of these things are Cyberpunk Players attempt the game with a zero-day correction. After all, some fans found ways to play the game early with methods like Change the time zone of their controllers. CD Projekt Red developers say so, then You have preloaded the gameThen what you boot from get go already contains Day 1 Correction. As launch night got underway, more shots came out repeating the same types of problems.

Polygon watched a few dozen live broadcasts showcasing basic gameplay on PS4 and Xbox One, along with more powerful releases of each console, and we’ve seen Number of accidents, Choppy gameplay, Freeze, weirdly geometric NPCs, and more. Whereas some of what appears most on social media is now showing the fans who Do not play with the first day patchTechnical hiccups of some kind or another seem pervasive All Releases of old consoles based on what we’ve seen on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live.

Meanwhile, fans who are trying the game on PC – especially the best platforms – seem to be going well, based on what we can see in the live broadcast. At least, compared to the older generation of consoles. There are reports of trees and shrubs appearing chopping off things on the computer, but it appears that Update your drivers He will take care of this issue. But there are still fans who say that, Even on a computerAnd the Things are not It’s always going on Running smoothly.

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It should be noted that early reviewers were provided with the computer code for the game. While some reviewers found some loopholes, most of the reports did not mention anything on the level of what is being shared on social media at this time. During a Xbox One stream, Polygon saw a player complain about a car appearing out of nowhere, causing it to crash. Another player Xbox One had to restart their game after trying to fast-forward through dialogue – something that happened more than once during the broadcast. The game seems to struggle more when running through open-world clips.

All that being said, not all of the glitches fans are facing right now lead to gamebreaking. Strangely, some fans find penis models to be infamous sometimes Cut through your character’s outfits. (NSFW warning at this link!)

However, the problem is big enough, and in a short time, the gaming community has turned everything into a meme. The format has fans uploading pictures of PS1, PS2 or N64 games with the strong viral language used to criticize the console version of Cyberpunk. Instead of despair, some players decide to embrace black humor to try to play a new game on a 7-year-old console.

CD Projekt Red has not responded in time for publication. Prior to the release, the studio was reported to have succumbed A time of widespread crisis, even after Promising again and again It will not force its workers to do so.

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