Culture and traditions are also found in other animals

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In one of four groups of chimpanzees in a nature reserve in Zambia, the chimpanzee Julie (pictured) began putting a blade of grass in her ear. Soon others began to imitate this strange behavior, which spread and became a fashion for the majority (eight out of twelve) in this particular group.

Photo: Edwin Van Leeuwen

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One or two humpback whales have invented a new hunting technique by hitting the surface of the water with a tail fin to temporarily stun predatory fish. For 27 years, researchers have seen how the technology has spread to more than 600 other individuals.

Photo: Doug Beren

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Young meerkats learn to catch and eat scorpions by adults and first give them live prey with the sting removed. Later, as they grow older and become more mature, they become prey with the remaining sting.

Photo: AfriPics / Alamy

Even in fish and insects, there are cultures and traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. Researchers say this is important to keep in mind when working to save endangered species.

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