Cross in the face at the final sign: “incredibly ugly”

The United States won the first period of the semifinals over Russia 1-0. But the big snack was the last thing that happened before the break.

Then the Russian Vitaly Kravtsov shot a shot at the goalkeeper at the final whistle, after which the American Dylan Samberg got angry and brutally checked the star.

How was the Russian doing here? Chris Harnstam commented directly that this doesn’t sound good.

Jonas Anderson SVT Expert:

– That’s stupid, the judge is not even a meter away.

“she is ugly”

In the studio, former NHL star Mikael Renberg was pissed off by Samberg’s behavior.

– He’s so ugly. I don’t see anything but it’s going to be a penalty for this. He gets a thorough examination in the face. It is very ugly and unnecessary. You should never do this because it poses a high risk of injury, he says.

With regard to the issue of how North America views firing at targets after the final indication:

It is difficult to understand from here how late the shot is and whether he has time to hear the signal. But you still shouldn’t check someone’s face directly. Rinberg continues to amaze me if there is no penalty in the match.

The judges chose to “only” distribute to Samberg a two-minute cross-check comment.

It’s hard to understand, it’s a brutal cross-examination. Jonas Anderson says it should have been more than that.

Kravtsov was able to continue playing after the break.

Condemned target for Russia

The match itself? She won a strong defense of the United States, 2-1. First, Oliver Wallstrom, who holds both Swedish and American citizenship, scored 1-0 after a collective goal of 14.29 in the first period. Alexander Timilevsky then rose to 2-0 at Powerplay after the Americans increased the pace of the disc and had not kept up with Russia.

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In the first half with a score of 0-0, Russia directed the goal through a skate. This was ruled out due to the kicks, which will likely be discussed next.

– I think he should be approved because he’s in slow motion. Jonas Anderson says he’s already started to brake before.

Mikael Reinberg agrees:

It can slow down the disk speed, you can tell, and I think you should be allowed to do that. I don’t see any pendulum movement with the leg here.

Gregory Denisenko contracted after just over half the game and Russia was a short distance away from a draw when the puck danced on the goal line and grabbed the post. The United States were late to victory thanks to high-goal goalkeeper Cayden Primo, who saved 34 out of 35 shots.

Watch the interview with American Jack Hughes in The Player below.

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