Cross-country skiing in crisis? Germany lacks most things – the national team is not getting sponsors and it lacks coaches: three they can no longer afford – they have burned. “| Sports

Money, coaches, snowboarding, attention … When the national team manager mentions what’s missing in Germany’s cross-country skiing, an uncertain future for the sport is drawn in the big country.

A sport in crisis?

At least there aren’t particularly pleasant faces in cross country skiing. Norway dominates and really waning interest, especially in Central Europe – a very important area in terms of patrons.

In an interview with VG He gives a bleak report to German national team manager Andreas Schlüter.

– She lost three coaches after the World Cup. They could no longer take it. They were burned. Schlotter says I cannot afford to bring in good foreign coaches.

In the early 2000s, Germany was a superpower on the ski trails, but the times when skiers such as Tobias Angerer, Axel Tichmann and Rene Sommerfeld were far ahead.

At home WC in Oberstdorf, the medals came in ski jumping and Nordic range.

– There are a lot of Norwegian skaters in the lead. Cross-country skiing on TV in Germany isn’t very interesting, says Schlüter.

Cross-country skiing should be more fun. When Peter Northog left, the children became interested in him.

Norway’s economy is by far

According to the manager of the national team, cross country skiing cannot have its own sponsors. Instead, she gets a slice of the cake that ski jumping and alpine collecting for the Skating Association.

VG states that the German national team’s cross-country budget is around 2 million euros – the same amount that the Finnish national team has according to the Norwegian newspaper.

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Sweden, for example, will have roughly 4.5 million euros for its national team. The total budget of the Norwegian national team across the country is more than 9 million euros.

Schlotter believes the lack of a coach is a major reason why it is so difficult to try to gobble up Norway’s lead.

We cannot pay for a coach from Norway, Switzerland or the United States. Our national team will also need ice training in the fall and in May and June, but it is very expensive.

The United Kingdom without a sponsor

Germany does not have to feel lonely. The budget for next World Cup host Slovenia is just under 200,000 euros, writes VG.

The UK has about twice that.

– We do not have a sponsor. Coach Justin Fingeroi says there is no interest in sponsoring British cross country skiing.

The UK has saved costs by cooperating with Norway. The Norwegian service team is permitted to bring three additional skiers as they also take care of the sleds of the British skiers.

We gain more from this cooperation. Vingri says Norway is much better at everything and misses nothing.

Norwegian national team president Espin Berwig thinks interest in countries varies with results, but agrees on the importance of sponsoring the sport.

We can add excitement to the World Cup, for example, with evening races and intros, but the big jumps and falls are not what makes our sport enjoyable.

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