Criminal investigations are Trump’s “nightmare”

Donald Trump commented on the acquittal ruling in the Supreme Court by saying that the journey to making America great again has only just begun.

But if that means the former president is investing in running for the upcoming elections in the United States – something alluded to before – one can only speculate, according to Eric Osard, professor emeritus of North American studies at Uppsala University.

– If you look at his behavior in previous years, from 2015 onwards, you’ll find he’s a guy who likes to be in the spotlight and he’s going to try to get back into that, sard tells TT and adds that Trump might be active pending review primary election campaigns.

Not sure of the primary voters

Osard also believes that Donald Trump will be a vocal critic of current President Joe Biden and his administration, just as he was against former President Barack Obama before Trump himself joined the fight for the White House.

But whether Trump’s star will shine brightly in the political sky remains to be seen.

He still has a big grip on the party and the primary voters, but it will emerge, Asard says.

After what happened after the elections with the storming of the Capitol and the Supreme Court, some of his former supporters, at least among Republicans in Congress, began to break their ties. The question is whether this will happen at the grassroots level among the primary voters? It may take some time before it clears up in this case.

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Smite the family

The Supreme Court may be overcrowded, but Trump may still be the subject of several criminal investigations, not the least of which is in connection with the storming of the Capitol and his actions related to it.

Recently, a preliminary investigation was launched in which Trump was suspected of trying to influence election results in Georgia. The former president is also accused of committing tax offenses related to his companies.

– It’s a big concern for him. Asard says it would be his biggest nightmare to get involved in a concrete criminal investigation.

In this case, he could give rings on the water to the presence or absence of the president in American politics.

– His whole future could be affected. Above all, he made it difficult for his children to have a future in politics, says Osard and points out, among other things, to his daughter Ivanka Trump and son Donald Trump Jr. who rose to prominence during the presidency.

His destructive actions may respond not only to himself but also to the next generation within his family.

Malin Johansson / TT

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