Creeds launches a plumber company

Creades is targeting Swedish and international institutional investors in a so-called fast track book building process, the results of which will be announced before the stock exchange opens on Wednesday.

The net proceeds from the issue are intended to be used by Creades for investments “as part of the company’s existing strategy”, including new investments in companies where Creades sees significant potential and potential additional investments in existing holdings.

In addition, new initiatives are being evaluated, including the opportunity to invest in a futuristic acquisition company founded by Creade, a trend that reached the Stockholm Stock Exchange via its sector partner Bure’s ACQ Bure earlier this spring.

In the United States it has Space direction Note, this phenomenon has been talked about over the past year. With hundreds of new companies listed on Wall Street, the hype has not gone unnoticed due to what some believe is the increased risk and reduced visibility for investors.

Spac raises its capital and is listed on the stock exchange, with the sole aim of submitting a quick file to the stock exchange for existing business.

“On top of the positive aspects of Creade in equity capital is the opportunity for more liquidity trading in Creade’s share and increased diversification in portfolio composition,” the company wrote in a press release.

This release is conditional on the EGM approving the decision no later than June 1, 2021.

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