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You might think Rockstar, Playground or Codemasters is the biggest game developer in England, but that’s actually not the case. Instead, the Creative Assembly for Total War developers is the largest in the entire UK. We know that now thanks to one thing A press release, as they also revealed the opening of a new studio.

More specifically, it’s located in West Sussex, and has proprietary facilities for Motion Capture recordings, something the studio doesn’t often use for Total War titles. In total, they now hold more than 800 permanent positions in England and thus are the largest in the country. They also appear to have a healthy and “crisis” free work environment according to their own information. President Gareth Edmondson’s comments:

“We have a great reputation for being one of the best game developers we work for with our positive approach to work / life balance. I want to continue building on this and see an end to the traditional 9-5 business model inside the office. In the future, we will transform our business model. To incorporate flexibility as a rule, we need the right environment to achieve this. While we want to amplify the benefits of remote work, we also recognize that there is no hypothetical alternative to creative interpersonal collaboration, so we will redesign our work rhythm as well as our environment to focus on creativity and innovation when we’re in the office. ” .

What do you think of Creative Assembly as a developer?

Creative Assembly is now the UK's largest developer

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