Craig Easton vinnare i Sony World Photography Awards 2021

330,000 entries were submitted for this year’s edition of the Sony World Photography Awards, with the jury now finally saying and selecting the winners for each category. The winner of the prestigious “Photographer of the Year” award this year goes to the winner in the Selfie category – English documentary and photographer Craig Easton – with his work. Bank Top.

Craig Easton focused his work on developing regions in the north of England, focusing mainly on the dense “Bank Top”, Blackburn. The media was considered the most isolated area in the UK, something that Blackburn Museum’s “Kick Down the Barriers” project wanted to change.

For a year, Craig Easton worked with writer Abdulaziz Hafez to explore the stories and experiences the residents had to share.

Category Winner

Architecture and design: Tomáš Vocelka (Tjeckien) for his Eternal Hunting Grounds series

Finalists: 2nd Place Frank Machalowski (Germany); Third place Guanghui (China)

Creator: Mark Hamilton Groshi (UK), for The Moon Revisited

Finalists: 2nd place, Luigi Busolati (Italy); Third place Sasha Bauer (Russia)

Documentary projects: Vito Fusco (Italian), for his series The Killing Daisy

Finalists: 2: Craig Easton (England); 3: Lorenzo Tugnoli (Italy)

Environment: Simone Tramonte (Italy), for his Net-zero Transition

Finalists: 2nd place Mohamed Madadi (Iran); Third place Antonio Perez (Spain)

natural views: Majid Hajati (Iran), for the series “Silent Neighborhoods”.

Finalists: Second Place Andrea Ferro (Italy); Third place Fyodor Saventsev (Russia)

a file: Laura Bannack (England)

Finalists: 2nd place Bryce Lorenzo (Spain); Third place Luli Laborio (Argentina)

painting: Craig Easton (England), for “Punk Top”.

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Finalists: 2nd place Julia Fullerton Patten (England); 3rd place Jane Hilton (England)

sport: Anas Al-Kharboutly (Syria), for the series “Sports and Fun Instead of War and Fear”.

Finalists: 2nd Place Patrick Meinhardt (Spain); Third place Farzam Salih (Iran)

Survived: Peter Elfield (Netherlands), “Still Life Composition, Shot on Wet Plate”

Finalists: Second Place Alessandro Pollio (Italy); 3rd place Paloma Rincon (Spain)

Animals and nature: Louis Tatu (Spain), for the series “Locust Invasion in East Africa”.

Finalists: 2nd place Graeme Purdy (England); 3rd place Angel Vitor (Spain)

All winning photos can be found on the SWPA 2021 website.

Photo of Swedish Abelweig tea Chosen as the winner of the Sweden National Category in SWPA 2021.

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