Countries that have discontinued the Janssen vaccine – and those that continue to use it

The vaccine produced by the United States, which was the first single-dose vaccine approved by the World Health Organization and has already been given to more than 7 million Americans, has been approved for distribution worldwide.

After six cases of clotting disorders, the U.S. Public Health Agency has temporarily discontinued the vaccine – but some countries are taking a different path.

Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Greece and Italy are among the countries that have temporarily stopped distribution.

For South Africa, the decision is To stop Janssen vaccine a severe blow. The country, which is facing an aggressive type of virus, has more than 1.5 million confirmed infections and more than 53,000 deaths from the virus.

The Janssen vaccine is our only vaccine at the moment, Mosa Moshabela, a professor of public health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, tells AP.

Canada, which expects to deliver its first Janssen vaccine at the end of April, is following developments to decide whether doses should be used or discarded when they arrive.

The Guardian writes that France, which has already received 200,000 doses of the vaccine earlier this week, will use them as planned. Another 600,000 doses will arrive in France by the end of April.

Also the Polish Minister of Health Adam Nidzelski announced on Wednesday that the country will continue to use the Janssen vaccine:

This is a decrease of a million, which is of course a very low rate, he says about the possible link between the vaccine and rare side effects.

Spain also continues to partially use the Janssen vaccine. The benefit is greater than the risk.

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