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The latest in a chain of farms affected by bird flu is a farm in Linköping that has organic chickens and a farm in Scorpion with riders.

The spread of avian influenza in wild and domestic birds in Europe is widespread. Photo: Mostphotos

According to the results of tests conducted by the Swedish Veterinary Institute, SVA, 14,000 organic broiler chickens and about 470 birds have been infected, and now they are killed, after which the facilities must be disinfected. According to the decision of the Swedish Board of Agriculture, animals or animal products may not leave the facilities without permission from the authority.

As usual in the event of an injury, a 10 km exclusion zone is created around the affected facilities. According to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, a flock of air chickens has recently been affected in Al-Bireh municipality, but no no-go areas have been established there.

High risk of infection

The continuing outbreaks of bird flu in Europe and Sweden are very widespread.

– We still find positive cases among wild birds, and poultry cases in Ostergotland and Vastergotland show that infection occurs in areas where we have not yet found cases of wild birds. The spring migration of birds is underway, and this means a continuing risk of infection as well as danger in areas further north of the country. Our studies on viruses point to several different introductions of wild birds and have spread between homes within large facilities, but we still have no signs of spreading among local flocks of poultry, says Maria Norimark, Acting Deputy State Epidemiologist, SVA, at statement.

Additional assembly

Pet owners are advised to pay extra attention to how their animals are performing and contact a veterinarian if they experience reduced feed and water consumption, decreased egg production, decreased general condition, or increased mortality.

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The article was published on Thursday, February 25, 2021

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