“Conspiracies have become part of American culture.”

The profile of Radio, TV and Social Media Alex Jones has been called the “King of Conspiracy.” Through his media channel Infowars, he claimed, among other things, that the US government was behind the attack on the World Trade Center and that the school shooting in Sandy Hook in 2012, in which 20 children and six adults were killed, was a hoax.

Trump was a guest on the TV show

A new documentary, US Plots, depicts how Jones tried to rally his million-dollar crowd behind Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign. Donald Trump himself visited the program’s controversial profile during the primaries.

The large group of Americans who felt outside of established politics saw, in that interview, that someone agreed with their opinions, says professor of journalism Christian Christensen at Stockholm University.

Plots take up more space

According to Christian Christensen, Alex Jones was not visible in the USA 2020 elections. Several social media platforms have banned his accounts. Christian Christensen says that conspiracy theories are still valid and increasingly in the political space.

– It has become a part of everyday American culture, as politicians at press conferences have to spend time responding to crazy statements. If they choose not to respond, they will be charged with a blackout.

The whole documentary The United States of intrigues It can be seen on SVT Play.

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