Comedy duo showing on a bridge in the Equinas Archipelago in Midsummer: We Improvise Most of Things | Fasteneland

The comic duo Enbää & Lundbää, i.e. the newcomers Uffe Enberg and Sixten Lundberg, perform on a midsummer day on a pier in the Ekenäs Archipelago. The duo runs their show mostly on emotion and improvisation.

– We’ve read from the public and have a lot in our luggage, so it’s likely up and running, says Uffe Enberg.

Sixten Lundberg states that Enberg can play around 2,500 songs, so there is a lot to choose from. Lundberg is the one who talks a lot and most of the duo.

Guys joke about most things, almost anything.

We are not joking about the epidemic that has hit us and which has hit us better, says Sixten Lundberg, but he promises that politicians, both domestic and international, can probably get a boot.

– Maybe it depends a little on what they said lately, Lundberg smiles.

The audience comes in their own boats

The public comes with their own boats to the dock, drop the anchor and follow the program on board.

In this way, people maintain a physical distance from each other, says Uwe Enberg.

The duo, Enbää & Lundbää, perform on the Sixten Lundberg Bridge on the eastern headland of Stora Mistön.

Everyone knows where Pago is and from there it is about a nautical mile to the east.

The event starts at 3 pm on Midsummer Day (20.6).

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