Codemasters racing studio has been welcomed into the EA family

Expect more car games in the future.

EA’s acquisition of car developer Codemasters is definitely ready now. at Declaration He welcomes the British car games developer into the EA family, who says the goal is to become a huge force in the racing sector.

Funny enough (for EA anyway) Take-Two was there and sniffed at Codies last fall, and it looked like the purchase was ready. But then suddenly news emerged that EA would be the new owner of the studio.

The acquisition of Codemasters provides good conditions for this: The studio is behind the Dirt Rally Series (Hardcore Rally), Dirt (Semi-fast Off-Road Racing), Formula 1 (You Get It), Grid (Raceway Racing) and Project Cars (Semi – for Health Track Racing). ). The EA itself has a long life The need for speedChain, but also Burnt And the Real race. It really is only one Mario KartA missing clone to cover the entire toy car genre.

EA says the purchase gives them the opportunity to “give us more racing games, even more often.” However, no new games have been announced yet, and will come later.

It is not known what will happen in Uneven Codemasters next. They came out with three matches tired or completely tired during the second half of 2020 (Dirt 5And the Cars project 3 And a solid sawn Fast and Furious: a crossroads). Just a month ago, they launched the premium F1 2020, and the year before it was just as intense Dirt Rally 2.0.2 update. In other words, it could be almost anything.

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next one The need for speedIn any case, the games should be made by the already EA-owned company, Criterion Games, at least that was the plan a year ago. The last four NFSThe games were coded by Ghost Games in Gothenburg, but have not garnered renewed trust.

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