Clues: Celebrities who compete in the disguised singer Sweden

Masked singer deceptive. The clues can be really hard even to figure out – not to mention the artists who hide behind the masks. But we made an attempt to crack Masked singer-it is necessary!

Warning of potential spoilers! (Assuming we’re right …)

HDo we break free and try to explain all possible clues to see who is hiding behind the masks Masked singer Sweden. Please note that these are wild guesses and therefore we do not have more information to complete them than what was submitted in the episodes.

What do you think – are we right or are we totally out of cycling?

Who is the candy machine in the masked singer Sweden?

The candy vending machine rivaling the Swedish mystery singer.


  • At first we see the candy machine standing in a very rural environment with pigs and chickens.
  • The person is happy to introduce himself and then the pen elf is hung.
  • Even with the candy strips on the head that are likely to clarify the hair, we are bringing something unwanted to a person’s hair.
  • There is talk of appearances with comments such as “not a hot guy” and that the person’s grandmother believed that the candy machine “looked like a girl.”
  • It denotes the disco and that instead of going out and on-the-go, the person is actually washing the dishes.
  • The candy vending machine won the teen talent hunt and wrote many songs.
  • Not only that – the singer also sang at the Globe.
  • The person also says in the clip that he loves to be heard – but not seen.

Who is Godisautomaten celebrity?

We’re guessing Martin Steinmark. why?

  • Martin Steinmark was raised in the country.
  • There was a lot of interest around him when he shaved his hair and released the song “Sjumilakliv”.
  • According to Wikipedia, he won chasing talent with his teenage brother.
  • He sang at Globe when it was the final of the Melodifestival in 2005.
  • He made the voice of Lightning McQueen in the animated film Cars.

There are a lot of other celebrities out there who could fit in. The only direct competitor is comedian and imitation Daniel Norberg. But we still leaned toward Martin Steinmark.

There is a reference to “gold digger” in the program as well, which could be a hint about someone in GES (Anders Glenmark, Orup Eriksson, or Niklas Strömstedt) with the song “When we dig gold in the US”.

Who is the joker in the masked singer Sweden?

The Joker who competes in the masked singer Sweden.


Here we’re so almost rocky that we don’t have to report more than a few clues about the identity of the Joker.

  • Both the Joker and the square you sit in are covered with diamond symbols.
  • There is a huge hair dryer outside the box.
  • This isn’t the first time Goliath has sung on TV.

Which celebrity is the joker?

It could be a member of the women’s national soccer team – they were on stage with Laleh (the song’s original artist) and sang at a party. But we think it’s Amy Diamond – or Amy Deismont, as she is called.

  • Squares in English: Diamonds.
  • Amy is a trained hairdresser.
  • She played Goliath in This is the spirit.

Who is the unicorn in the masked singer Sweden?

A unicorn who competes in the masked singer of Sweden.

This is a very cunning participant who gave us (more) gray hair. But here are the clues and our guess who the unicorn is.

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  • The unicorn in The Masked Singer has dreamed of being in the limelight all his life and looks like he’s been a huge fan of the Spice Girls.
  • In the guide section, you can see a race track with cars on the ground. The unicorn stands and kicks in the air – a simple martial arts feeling, says the commission.
  • She was part of the aspiring pop group in Sweden and moved to Solstaden.

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Which celebrity is the unicorn?

Here, too, it’s pretty tricky – but there are many puzzle pieces that fall into place when we decide it’s Ellen Bergstrom.

  • As a teenager, she became a member of the Kick group.
  • Kick – kick – interprets kicks in the air.
  • Karlstad is often called “Solstaden” – that’s where the Kick group belongs.
  • A racetrack can be indicated with cars The great race – The popular SVT racing series featuring Ellen Bergstrom.

Who is the monster in the masked singer Sweden?

The monster rivaled by the masked singer Sweden.


  • The monster “got the chance to remain anonymous again,” indicating that he is one of the experienced celebs we are dealing with.
  • The monster had to go straight to the second row and “jump over one”.
  • The person came to the east and discovered the great world and “New York was pure”. The action took the beast to an important city in the west.
  • A humble person with roots in agriculture maybe?
  • Time for the monster to take on a new style – perhaps a new style of music?
  • But here comes the most difficult: “I am even known in space!”

Which celebrity is the beast?

Kiki Danielson. No doubt about it. Although the committee seems convinced that he is a man.

  • Celebrities with experience who might enjoy being anonymous.
  • Kiki Danielson skipped the first year and started straight into second place.
  • An important city in the West – maybe Nashville?
  • A humble person, yes, it cannot be denied.
  • There will really be a new style of music with this Jennifer Lopez song.
  • But is Kiki really known in space? Yeah! In 2017, it got an asteroid to its name. His name was Danielson.

Who is Sjöbjörnen in the disguised singer Sweden?

And the sea bear, who is competing with the masked singer, Sweden.


Size doesn’t have to matter, but the kitten is of course a very stiff piece that hides under the oversized suit.

  • “All the energy has to go somewhere.”
  • He has coached many different sports.
  • He still has a Swedish record.
  • It works with other types of tracks.
  • He knows how to sound like everyone else – but he wants to find his voice.
  • I did not go to high school – but tested in a teaching profession.
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Who is Sjöbjörnen?

Anders Bage. We think. But the sound and athletic performance almost recommended John Lundvik.

  • The energy that needs to go out somewhere could target Anders Bagge’s ADHD diagnosis.
  • The music producer nurtured the teacher’s dream and played the teacher in an advertisement he did for Blocket.
  • According to his own statement, Bagge has a record 1000 meters for boys 16 years old.
  • As a music producer, he often helps other singers.
  • Other types of tracks – perhaps tracks like songs or “tracks” on a CD.

Who is the dragon in the masked singer Sweden?

The Dragon Contested by the Masked Singer Sweden.


  • Lots of gold everywhere. Gold coins, gold details, golden curtains.
  • Beck Loser
  • Afraid of spiders?
  • The dragon is not as cruel as it seems.
  • Option – perhaps a nod to Västerås?
  • Toothpaste tube – also gold.
  • Playing handball.
  • Available on Spotify.
  • Not much to rock – except for work.
  • Born in the same year brown scandal.

Which celebrity is dracaena?

Comedian Joanna Nordstrom. Undoubtedly. First of all, we heard her in her own voice – but then it turned out that almost all clues fell on her.

  • The cucumber refers to Västerås – the birthplace of Joanna.
  • A “brown scandal” should be the Toblerone case, that is, 1995 – the same year Nordstrom was born.
  • The golden tube is deceptive – until it turns out that Johanna Nordstrom was nominated four more times … just that: the golden tube!
  • In SVT: s The best in the test She told me she played handball.
  • Their podcast is available on Spotify.

Who is the crow in the masked singer Sweden?

Raven competing with the masked singer Sweden.


  • Proud to be the crow and has the most beautiful feathers in the competition.
  • In the guide feature, a lot of mirrors appeared.
  • People called Corbin “a professor.”
  • Not everything is black and white, Corbin says, at the same time that he says he has stolen hearts and a whole stack of love letters appears.
  • The number 88 appears on a large piece of paper.
  • Always create magic with his own hands.
  • Crow sits and trickles with some cable and electrically cracks the element.
  • A required sign that says “Bird” and a picture of a crow.

Which celebrity is Corbin?

This is one of the hardest, we think. But it likely landed that Måns Zelmerlöw is right – it’s Thomas Ravelli.

  • He stole a lot of hearts during the 1994 World Cup.
  • Creating magic with his own hands – yes we can probably say that.
  • The sign with the number 88 and hearts that we think is aimed at the year Ravelli married – that is, 1988.
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Who is the robot in the masked singer Sweden?

The robot that competes in the masked singer Sweden.


  • “Scrap is really my thing.”
  • Good at doing things over repetition
  • He was always engaged in entertainment, but with a small audience.
  • Talk about the family.
  • Some people might think they’ve seen enough of me.
  • Can this be heard without seeing it.
  • “Some might see me as a reverse cat.”

Which celebrity is a robot?

Here, too, it will be difficult, of course. There are some names that are popping up but we still lean towards the faqir breeze. It could have been Linus Wahlgren or Kodjo Akolor too, the committee guesses, but the opposite cat: Nassim – missaN feels too good to be real.

  • Scrap – It lifts up some scrap and is strong and fit.
  • It works a lot with kids’ programs.
  • The fakir family is famous.
  • He could be heard without being seen – he made some voices in animated films.

Who is the ice wolf in the masked singer Sweden?

Ice wolf rivaled by the masked singer in Sweden.


  • Coming from the north.
  • “More dangerous than I appear.”
  • Showed it to be a survivor
  • Standing in the office of a very American TV series.
  • The first album sold gold.
  • He has a million hits that almost everyone has heard of.
  • “Be a thing of a girl.”
  • She played ice hockey and soccer with boys.
  • “It was my idols and my sister Carola, Anna Bock, Pernella and Walgreens of course,” he says.
  • “I have a golden somewhere else.”

Which celebrity is the ice wolf?

We’ve ended up here with two different celebs and we really can’t decide. Numerous clues agree on both Victoria Silvstedt and Lisa Myskovsky.

  • Coming from the north.
  • Listening music.
  • Athletics when he was young.
  • She has musical sisters.

But what Victoria Sylvsted is talking about is:

  • “I have gold elsewhere” which could refer to Silvstedt’s stock investment.

And what he talks about Lisa Myskovsky is:

  • She played ice hockey and soccer.
  • A million strokes could be the “shape of my heart” for Back Street kids.

Who is the voodoo doll in the masked singer Sweden?

Voodoo doll competing with masked singer Sweden.


  • “He knows everything about revenge” and “has hurt a lot of people during my career.”
  • He had to lead the highest decision-making association.
  • I played basketball.
  • “There’s no future LeBron James” – but he’s been successful with some of it.

Which celebrity is a voodoo doll?

This must be Hans Rosenfeldt.

  • He knows everything about revenge and has offended many – this is the case in his books.
  • Host of Parliament’s Supreme Decision Council.
  • Part of LeBron James: The Bridge. TV series. Rosenfeld also co-wrote.

The sheep and the penguins are gone

The sheep that competed in Sweden was a convincing singer, but it came out.

Pingvingen and Fåret have already left the competition and revealed they are Sven Melander and Christina Schulin.

The penguin who competed with the masked singer in Sweden but left.

You can watch Episode 1 of the masked singer Sweden here And the The second section you will find if you click here.

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