Christina Sandberg’s answer after Linda Skoog’s post

In her review, Expressen employee Linda Skugge called Christina Sandberg’s “Lonely Place” a substandard book.

“Of course Sandberg will write everything, but it doesn’t automatically become ‘art’ just because you both repeat and italicize.” I don’t want to die of my children. Writing such a TV orange as Sandberg became homework in the worst kinds of writing courses, which I also took,” she wrote, among other things.

Comments on criticism

Now writer Christina Sandberg is commenting on the criticism for the first time. On the podcast “Dinter Without Filters,” she said that through her script she wants to be able to talk about her private life.

But Sandberg doesn’t think the book in general should have been treated more gently because it’s about a sensitive topic like cancer, it was said.

– It’s a lie too, because people criticized it as just, no one takes cancer into account, it’s just a myth. No one has credited anything in these reviews, just as they have never been scratched before. But you shouldn’t say you cheat when you don’t, because I would be guilty of that too, she says.

“received an answer”

However, she sees no interest in critical reviews of the book – quite the contrary. On the podcast, she said, “We’re allowed to do that in Sweden.”

But she believes that the attention the book has received suggests that it is provocative.

– Since it made such a fuss, I received an answer that what I am doing is taboo, I am doing something provocative. She says it’s a thing when women talk about perfectly normal bodies.

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